Research, Evaluation, & Writing

Qualitative Research and Evaluation

Our team helps you identify the most appropriate design and methods for your evaluation or research. Our reports provide insights into the effectiveness of a project or initiative, as well as showcasing your progress toward policies or guidelines. The scope of the research may include one organization, a system, country or region.

Case Studies

Our team will visit your program, project, community, system or country, assess priority elements identified by you, the communities affected, the literature and the data, and then complete a case study report of publication quality.

Report Writing

Reporting support is available to provide syntheses of key decisions made at conferences and other gatherings. Reports highlighting the process and outcomes of projects or initiatives are also available.

Publications for Philanthropy

Publishable case studies may be requested of projects or initiatives that have been funded by philanthropy to highlight successes and challenges.

…from Gloria Giraldo, DrPH, Global Health Professional
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