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Ginger Lee Global Health Consulting Group partners with agencies in the United States and across the globe to improve health and wellness.
We partner with U.S. and international:
Academic Institutions
Global Health Governance Agencies
Government Entities
Non-Profit Organizations, NGOs and Civil Society

Ginger Lee, DrPH

Ginger Lee, DrPH, is the founder of the Ginger Lee Global Health Consulting Group, which works at the intersection of low-income and marginalized communities, government, and health systems to address equitable systems and policy change. She specializes in non-profit leadership and management, organizational development, and systems change. She offers the ability to assess systems, community, global, and local public health, as well as organizations, and to synthesize results to produce customized, high-quality trainings and documents for publication.

Dr. Lee is particularly interested in transformative systems and organizational change, and how traditional philanthropy can shift the way it supports non-profits by focusing on systems level change in addition to direct service. She has developed a model to reflect her research findings related to how philanthropy can invest to support successful change led by communities most impacted by inequities.

Because Dr. Lee was raised in a situation of poverty and had the opportunity to obtain her doctorate, her focus is on social and commercial determinants of health for communities that do not have access to opportunities, and that experience structural barriers. Dr. Lee has an entrepreneurial drive that she has harnessed, among other things, to help build Latino Health Access, an award-winning non-profit organization that works deeply within communities affected by inequalities to build power using the community health worker model, as well as place-based and place-conscious models.

Dr. Lee was the CEO of The LGBTQ Center OC for four years, during which time she quadrupled growth. She has managed the City of Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services operations and collective impact initiatives and co-founded the Office of Equity. Dr. Lee is published in peer reviewed journals, and is the co-author of Recruiting the Heart, Training the Brain, a book about place-based initiatives and the community health worker model. She is in the process of publishing a model based on qualitative research to explain successful systems and policy changes led by low-income communities.

In addition to more than 20 years of domestic leadership, her global experience includes serving as the Board President for Foundation Todos Juntos, funding projects in Guatemala, acting as a consultant to Fundación Punta de Mita in Mexico, providing technical expertise to The Greater Contribution which provides micro-loans and education for women in Uganda, synthesizing a multi-lateral conference for publication for the Pan American Health Organization, founding the Greater Los Angeles Female Genital Mutilation Task Force, participating in the U.S. Mexico Border Task Force, and conducting community health worker trainings in India. Dr. Lee has received numerous awards and recognition for her work, including One of Five Mujeres Making a Difference in Orange County.

The Team

Our team consists of an esteemed group of professionals who contribute a wide array of subject matter expertise and come from diverse cultural perspectives. We enjoy creating teams specific to your needs to ensure the highest level of thought partnership and excellence. If you are interested in joining our team, please see Working with Us.

Our Goal

To elevate the public’s health and positively impact health status through socially inclusive policy, systems and organizational change.

Our Values

Health Broadly Defined – We define health to include social and emotional vibrancy, the health of the democracy, the health of communities and populations, the health of the planet, and the health of organizations, not simply health care and the absence of disease.

Social Justice & Equity – Social justice and equity are at the core of our work. We use a practical systems approach, sprinkled with complexity theory to allow for emergence in this rapidly changing world. We recognize that health is most heavily influenced by the social, structural, and commercial determinants of health.

Global Includes Local – We know that context is highly specific and critical to any change effort. So is having a view of larger forces and social trends and how our work is connected. That’s why we see global health as including local communities, regions, states and nations.

Agency and Power – We believe in the wisdom that is inherent in communities affected by inequities. We work to ensure a narrative that frames systemic root causes of social problems and that positions communities as part of the solution. We approach our work with cultural humility, learning, unlearning, and curiosity.

Recent Clients Include:

Foundation Todos Juntos and 32 Volcanes, Guatemala. (Pro Bono)
Fundación Punta de Mita, Mexico
Immunize Nevada
Latino Health Access
Pan American Health Organization, Regional Office for the Americas of the World Health Organization
PILA Global
The Greater Contribution
The Nonprofit Partnership
University of California, Los Angeles
Visions Museum of Textile Art
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