Recruiting the Heart, Training the Brain
by America Bracho, MD, MPH; Ginger Lee, DrPH, MPH; Gloria P. Giraldo, MPH; Rosa Maria De Prado, MFT

“We cannot fight diseases without fighting the conditions that create, foster, and perpetuate them.” — Recruiting the Heart, Training the Brain

Proceeds from the sale of this book benefit Latino Health Access, not the authors.

A Global Health Model for Inclusion
by America Bracho, MD, MPH, and Ginger Lee, DrPH, MPH

America Bracho had previously worked as a Spanish radio talk show host in Orange County, California. Anonymous callers shared intimate issues that revealed deep needs within the community related to domestic violence, access to healthcare, mental health, and many other issues. The surprise came when Dr. Bracho tried to locate resources for them.

LGBTQ Pride and Public Health
by Ginger Lee, MPH, Bureau Manager, Collective Impact & Operations, Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services

Pride is a time when lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning people join together to further strengthen community by celebrating joyously, with parades and other events…. And for public health professionals, Pride is a time to reflect on what we can do to address social conditions that negatively affect the health of LGBT people.

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